I have spent my adult life in Arizona, but grew up in the suburbs outside of Seattle, Washington. I alternated between being happily holed up in my bedroom and having access to plenty of woods and fields for exploration. Born in 1959, I was 17 when my family moved to the Phoenix area, which was a difficult change. I eventually married and stayed in Phoenix, but was deeply shaped by my time in Washington. I earned a BFA in Drawing, and a BS in Education at Northern Arizona University, followed by a MFA in Drawing from Arizona State University in 1992. I am a night owl who thrives on uninterrupted time for work that demonstrates my introverted energy and focus. For 15 years I taught part time as a high school art instructor, and currently teach adjunct for Phoenix College. I am an active part of the Phoenix arts community, including being an early member of an artist’s collective. I live with my husband in the house we bought in 1987 where I pursue hands on projects, compulsive composting, and obsessive planting. I also occasionally trap wild cats that find their way into our yard and tame them.